Evaluation Occupational Health Law, SOEHPON Jobs FG

The Society of Occupational and Environmental Health Physicians of Nigeria (SOEHPON) has required an evaluation of the law directing occupational health in Nigeria, stating it has become outdated. Making the call in Lagos throughout the Society’s 2017 Annual Conference & Annual General Meeting (AGM), the National President, SOEHPON, Dr. Okon Akiba, stated there was an immediate need to bridge the existing spaces. Akiba, who spoke throughout the occasion themed: Occupational Health for All, stated there was the immediate need to embrace a National Policy and Programmed for occupational health that consists of actions for offering proficient occupational health services for all people at work. “Occupational Health is not about us, it has to do with the public. We are sharing understanding about security in the work environment and making sure the ideal policies remain in place which standards are put in place. “The companies of labor are more thinking about the work forgetting that the workers need to be healthy, the office needs to be safe and will be more expense reliable at the end of the day because a healthy labor force is a healthy organization and completion point is boosted efficiency. According to Akiba: “We play the advocacy function, but federal government and policymakers are not understanding. The law is outdated.

Occupational health is law, legislation, and policy and standards- owned, besides that, we are no place. We should do it and put it at the expense of production,” he stated. Even more, Akiba kept in mind that the spaces in policy huge; “it is just as a matter of enthusiasm for us having operated in international business, that we see these things.

“Occupational health is practically non-existent here, there is a difference in between simply supplying alleviative and medical health. Occupational health has to do with being proactive, you need to be proactive, the employees should know the risks. “You need to inform them the threats associated with their work and you should put in place all the preventive procedures so that the work environment is healthy. “Your employees’ health ought to not influence on your work, neither ought to your work effect on your employees’ health,” he avowed. The National Secretary, SOEHPON, Dr. Uche Enumah stated the conference was perfect for updating understanding and to engage and network. “We do this every year to train ourselves. We have a two-day pre-training workshop. Medication is everything about continuing education and most current advancements in the field. “Health and security at work are very important matters that associate with the general health and wellbeing of working people and for that reason, need to be offered due to factor to consider in policies, at all levels. Health and wellness issues at work are, in concept, avoidable and need to be done by utilizing all readily available tools, legal, technical, research, training, education, details and financial instruments,” he stated. “The federal government ought to make sure the advancement of needed facilities for reliable application of occupational health programs, consisting of health services, research programs, training and education, info services and information banks. Networking of such facilities within and amongst the nations would significantly facilitate their efforts to carry out nationwide programs.